Amarnath is a passionate developer

Amarnath is a passionate developer and he has the ability to learn new skills quickly. His objective as always being a challenging carrier which would give scope for professional growth. He’s a strong team facilitator and motivator fostering an atmosphere that encourages highly talented professionals to balance high-level skills with maximum productivity.

Vinoth IOS and Flutter Developer

Amarnath have good programing knowledge and he complete many project successful and he have leadership skills, good team player, develop user friendly. It was great to work together self motivated and very capable of handling multiple project with new trending technologies like flutter, react native, IOT, Nextjs and i wish him all success in his future endeavors

Bharath N, UI Developer

He is very good person and motivate to other person. He management skills and technical knowledge awesome.

Ajith Babu B, The Globe And Mail

Everything quick learner. new skills trending knowledge developer. thank you for your support.

Nandha Kumar, UI/UX Developer

Amarnath having good knowledge to learn new skills, great team management skills, client handling, friendly with colleagues, very helpful for the new joiner, he having knowledge to handle the new joiners and train them as a professional and very cool handling in every situations.

SaravanaMoorthy K, Android Developer

Leader & problem solver

I recommend Amar to do any new Concept implementation. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside of Amar during his employment here at our firm, and I can honestly say that he is a valued team member and key team player. Amar is cooperative and assistive with anything that the team needs, and he exhibits a passion for team development.

He is a natural leader and problem solver, easily identifying and proposing solutions to any road bumps that the team hits along the way. Amar is also great at staying on task. A more dedicated team player than Amar you could not find.I learned lot from him.

Shyamala R IOS Team Leader

Mr. Cool

Good lead for innovative projects. Smart worker. I have worked with him 3 more projects(nodeJS / ReactJS) as a team player, he guide me well to complete on time. Mr.Cool.. Best Finisher.. Like Dhoni.

Satham Husain PHP / NodeJS Developer

It was great to work together with TSR Amarnath, He is dedicated, self-motivated and very capable of handling Multiple Projects with New Trending Technlogies like MERN Stack, Flutter, Electron JS and IOT. That skills often takes years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. He has good leadership skills and makes sure everyone on the team is working effectively and I wish him all Success in his Future Endeavors.

He is a good leader. I had the pleasure of working with TSR. I learned lot from him. ‘Genuine expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about TSR.

Awesome person, I had the pleasure of working with Amaranth bro at the  Company, collaborating on several project teams. I was particularly impressed by Amaranth’s ability to handle even the toughest clients—effortlessly. Every day his skill improving with the latest technology. Smart Worker & Friendly to Everyone

Manikandan, NodeJS developer

Coding Minded Persion

Amarnath.TSR is coding minded person. He can’t live without food but they can’t live without codings. This guys knows most of programming like MERN stack, Flutter, IOT etc.,

Pramoth Digital Marketing & Graphic Designer